An Electricity Rate Savings Homepage Got Me Started on Big Household Savings

We have had the same electric provider here in this house since I was in high school. When the house was given to me by my parents who decided to move to a beach house by the ocean, I just changed everything over to my name as far as the utilities were concerned. I was in college and had a full time job. I felt swamped trying to handle everything. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the great thing they did for me. I just needed time to be a better homeowner. A few months ago I saw a homepage that explained how you could save on electricity rates. I was interested because my budget was stretched.

I was working and paying back my student loans while keeping a house running too. I had the normal bills such as a car payment and food and other things. I tried to live frugally, but I was lower on the company earnings list than what I actually needed to be to afford everything. Taking a look at all the monthly bills coming into the house helped me get a handle on things. I lowered my electricity rates by choosing another provider, and I am saving enough each month to pay another bill I owe. I checked every bill and called to see if I could save money. My car insurance was cut in half by simply calling. Now you will see me using coupons at the store and shopping for the things on sale that I use.

I no longer just go out and buy something on a whim. I wait a few days and think about it no matter what it is. I figure even the sales ads give you seven days to buy, so that is enough time to talk myself out of junk I don’t need. Taking these few steps has made it possible for me to keep my family home.

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