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Familiar Feelings of Winning and Losing

My brother and I have been playing dominoes ever since our grandfather bought us our first domino set. My brother would win more games than I would, but I could still play pretty well. My brother and I live far away now and don’t get to see each other as often, so we usually talk online. He told me about a Daftar Lapak303 website where I could play dominoes online while winning money. The dominoes alone was enough to make me want to use the website, but the ability to win money was like an added bonus.

Playing on the website brought back all of the old memories that I had playing with my brother. It was pretty easy to get into it and I was winning games left and right. By the end of the day, I had enough money in winnings to buy myself a celebration beer. My brother wanted to challenge me for a little bit of money, so I agreed, and we got into a furious match. Continue reading

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I Am Settled Here on the Campus

Of course I am here because this was where I could find a good graduate assistant job working for a guy who used to be an assistant coach when I was in school. I had a chance to coach a little high school in the mountains of South Carolina, but I thought this might work out better. I have met some rather wild guys who also work on the staff. Last night one of them told me he needed a wing man to go out with some hot desi girls, which is not something that I really understood. It turned out that they were grad students from India. Continue reading

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Party Buses Are Great for Groups to Go to Prom Too

Let me tell you a story of why I ended up following a search engine result that told me to click here for party buses when I was going to just have my parents drive me to the prom. My friend begged me to show up at the prom even though I did not have a date. He did not have one either, but his parents said that going to your senior prom is important. Can you imaging how he felt? Since I did not have a date, I was just going to be dropped off by my dad. Well, at the last minute my friend ended up with a date for the prom. So, he could not care any less if I was going to show up or not. Then, out of the blue one day before prom in school, a girl I have liked for a long time asked me to go to the prom with her. Continue reading

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Touring the Holy Land Together

My husband is going to Israel in a few months with a missionary group. They are actually going to a few other places, but they are fitting in a trip to the holy city as well. He told me that he wanted to make sure that he could find some Jerusalem tours so everyone could walk away feeling good about what they were able to see there. I understood what he meant because Israel has been on all of our hearts for a very long time. To actually go there and see things that we have read about in our bibles is just hard to express how special it is.

I wanted to make sure the group had not only a good time but a meaningful time there as well. Continue reading

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Friendly Energy Plans for the Planet

When I decided to get some Texas energy plan information, I knew that it would be easier and faster for me to go online and find the info myself. I looked at the different companies that provide electricity for my area, and I decided to look at TXU Energy in more detail. I knew that a lot of people from work used them because of conversations that I had with them in the past, so I knew that they were a stable company that kept their customers happy. I just wanted to get more information on the different plans that they have as well as the costs for each one. Continue reading

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We Wanted Internet Service Quickly

One of the first things I did when I found out my husband was getting transferred to California was find out if we would be able to have AT&T in California. I home school my children, and I wanted to make sure that we would not miss too much school in the process of moving. The reason I wanted AT&T is because that is who we had for our Internet provider before, and I was satisfied with what they offer. We watch a lot of videos as part of the work they do, and I wanted to make sure that we would still be able to do this with no issues.

I have had other providers before AT&T, so I know that not all Internet providers are created equally. It is not fun when you are in the middle of a lesson that is running smoothly, and you have to stop to let a video buffer. It is just too distracting for children in this kind of setting, which is why I wanted AT&T available. When I saw that it was, I was quite happy. Continue reading

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An Electricity Rate Savings Homepage Got Me Started on Big Household Savings

We have had the same electric provider here in this house since I was in high school. When the house was given to me by my parents who decided to move to a beach house by the ocean, I just changed everything over to my name as far as the utilities were concerned. I was in college and had a full time job. I felt swamped trying to handle everything. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the great thing they did for me. I just needed time to be a better homeowner. A few months ago I saw a homepage that explained how you could save on electricity rates. I was interested because my budget was stretched.

I was working and paying back my student loans while keeping a house running too. Continue reading

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Keeping Us Safe in 2014

Home security is a topic that was never really brought up amongst members of my family. We never thought much of it thanks to our luck of living within a gated community. It was only after the fact that we were robbed that we began to realize that no single place was ever going to be safe. Any place is vulnerable, regardless if you have a gated community or not. I started to look into different types of home security companies and found that adt home security might be the best bet for our area. Honestly, I admit that it is kind of odd to have one of those little signs outside our house proclaiming that we are protected by ADT – it’s not that I don’t mind that we now have the security system installed but it feels almost petulant in a way as if we are asking criminals to avoid our house. Continue reading

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I Had No Idea How Much Dad Suffered with Gout

If you wake up one morning and have pain in your big toe, it could be gout. Do you have any family members who have ever suffered with it? Usually if you have symptoms of gout and have a mom or dad that has or had it, then it is like another check mark in the column in favor of you having gout. I was reading things at the Craysor website getting some initial insight into gout and its symptoms and foods that make it worse. My dad had it when he was alive, but I never really paid much attention to what he did about it.

I knew only a little of how dad suffered with gout until mom told me the whole story after I ended up with it. She asked me if I remember dad missing work and wearing a slipper on one foot a lot. I told her that I sure do remember because it was odd. I remember dad saying how his big toe got hurt. Mom said I heard it wrong. Dad was saying it hurt with gout not got hurt. Dad hid his pain. Continue reading

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The Outside Fan Stopped the AC from Working

When my ex and I got a divorce, I was really happy. Actually, we both were. We married way too young, and we both realized that we shouldn’t have. I moved into my aunt’s house since it was just sitting empty after she moved into a nursing home, and that is when the fun began. I moved in during the hottest part of the year, and of course, her air conditioning was not working properly. I knew I had to call a company that does AC repair in Morris County NJ because that was something my ex always took care of.

Whether the problem was major or minor, I knew I would not be able to figure it out on my own. Thankfully, I had no problems getting my Internet set up, so I was able to go onto my computer and find a company that was able to come out that same day. Continue reading

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Home Security Systems in Jamestown

There are a lot of questions that homeowners ask themselves when they are contemplating the installation of a professional home security system installed in either their home or their place of business. Researching the advantages and the benefits that you and your family will receive from a security system by ADT, will help to answer the questions you might have on home security and whether or not it would be to your advantage in having one installed in your home.

One of the first things individuals generally think about when the idea of a home security system pops into their mind, is that of burglaries and home invasions. Continue reading

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Looking for a Fun Adventure

My husband and I were going on a vacation for our anniversary. We were both very excited. We had not been on a trip on our own in many years also we could not wait. We had an idea of where we wanted to go, but we were still trying to finalize our plans. My husband was very interested in ballooning so I wanted to see if I could surprise him with a balloon adventure. I knew that he would love it, but I had to find a place to go first. I went online and searched for ballooning adventures. I found some great information. I was actually getting very, very excited about surprising my husband with this. I knew he would be ecstatic. I ended up finding the perfect option and then signing up for it. It was a little bit out of the way from our original destination, but I knew it would be the best experience. It was finally time to go on our trip and I was sp happy. My husband and I would have the best trip ever. We started off on our trip and had a lot on our mind. Continue reading

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Where Can You Find Balloon Trips in the Southeast?

banks of north carolina 50 miles south of kitty hawkI live in the Piedmont Triad Region of North Carolina, specifically in a small town to the South of High Point, NC. My wife and I have always wanted to go on a balloon trip and we are wondering where we can find some information about that in our area. Of course we would be willing to travel some distance, although it would be much better if it were either some area close by or an area where we could find some other reason to visit. It does not seem very likely that the Federal Aviation Administration would allow balloonists to wander around the skies in areas heavily traveled by airliners and general aviation planes. I assume that these sorts of operations are confined to more rural areas, but I am not really sure. Here we have very heavy air traffic to and from PTI, which is only about 20 minutes from the house.

We obviously would want to make sure that the FAA was happy with the safety of any balloon company we should decided to use, but it seems unlikely that any could operate without the certification of the government. I am really wondering if there are balloon companies in the mountains of Tennessee or North Carolina. For that matter the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia would be great as well. My wife has some family in Lynchburg and we have been wanting to go up there to visit the National Park and see them. It is quite exciting to have the time to think about something this frivolous, but we are both retired now and sitting around the house is far too boring. We have already taken a couple of trips and a cruise. Those things were pretty expensive though and so we are looking for a more affordable adventure.

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