Friendly Energy Plans for the Planet

When I decided to get some Texas energy plan information, I knew that it would be easier and faster for me to go online and find the info myself. I looked at the different companies that provide electricity for my area, and I decided to look at TXU Energy in more detail. I knew that a lot of people from work used them because of conversations that I had with them in the past, so I knew that they were a stable company that kept their customers happy. I just wanted to get more information on the different plans that they have as well as the costs for each one.

Being a new customer meant that I would get some introductory deals, but I was happy to see that even after the time had expired to get the intro prices, it would not cost much more to continue on as a customer. I like that from a company. They are willing to bring new customers on with a special deal, but they still treat their existing customers really well too. You just don’t find a lot of companies like that around.

I looked at each plan in detail, and I actually had a hard time deciding which one I was going to use. I am usually quite decisive, but all of the deals that i looked at were really good. There was one that only uses clean energy, and that was really appealing to me because I honestly am trying to be a better steward to this planet. I do need to save money though, which is why the free night plan was also extremely appealing. I just considered the pros and cons of each, and that is why I ended up going with the Green Select 12 plan. It saves me money, plus it is very friendly to the planet!

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