I Had No Idea How Much Dad Suffered with Gout

If you wake up one morning and have pain in your big toe, it could be gout. Do you have any family members who have ever suffered with it? Usually if you have symptoms of gout and have a mom or dad that has or had it, then it is like another check mark in the column in favor of you having gout. I was reading things at the Craysor website getting some initial insight into gout and its symptoms and foods that make it worse. My dad had it when he was alive, but I never really paid much attention to what he did about it.

I knew only a little of how dad suffered with gout until mom told me the whole story after I ended up with it. She asked me if I remember dad missing work and wearing a slipper on one foot a lot. I told her that I sure do remember because it was odd. I remember dad saying how his big toe got hurt. Mom said I heard it wrong. Dad was saying it hurt with gout not got hurt. Dad hid his pain. All I remember is having to be careful around dad’s big toe when he took a few days off of work. If it was not for mom having a good job too, she said we would have been in real financial trouble.

I am so glad that there are better treatments for gout now. However, I am seeing that I can avoid a lot of the pain by simply changing what I eat. I am learning about purines and how they make gout worse. I am learning how it is uric acid not being properly processed out by my kidneys that is making those crystals build up in my joints to cause pain. When I looked up gout tophi, I about passed out. There is no way I want that to happen to me. Mom said dad had them.

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