Keeping Us Safe in 2014

Home security is a topic that was never really brought up amongst members of my family. We never thought much of it thanks to our luck of living within a gated community. It was only after the fact that we were robbed that we began to realize that no single place was ever going to be safe. Any place is vulnerable, regardless if you have a gated community or not. I started to look into different types of home security companies and found that adt home security might be the best bet for our area. Honestly, I admit that it is kind of odd to have one of those little signs outside our house proclaiming that we are protected by ADT – it’s not that I don’t mind that we now have the security system installed but it feels almost petulant in a way as if we are asking criminals to avoid our house.

I almost rather trick them into trying to get them to rob our place so they are caught rather than allowing them to go to another house that might be vulnerable because of their lack of a security system. This way if they are caught on the cameras that we have installed to activate whenever there is a break in, we would be able to capture their face on film! Submitting that film to the police would help them track down the burglar, if they were not caught out right by the cops right then and there, which would help keep a criminal off the street and lower the crime rate. I believe more in preventive measures like this rather than a little sign that is designed to prevent a singular home from being the target. Either way, my family being safe is what truly matters to me.

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