Looking for a Fun Adventure

My husband and I were going on a vacation for our anniversary. We were both very excited. We had not been on a trip on our own in many years also we could not wait. We had an idea of where we wanted to go, but we were still trying to finalize our plans. My husband was very interested in ballooning so I wanted to see if I could surprise him with a balloon adventure. I knew that he would love it, but I had to find a place to go first. I went online and searched for ballooning adventures. I found some great information. I was actually getting very, very excited about surprising my husband with this. I knew he would be ecstatic. I ended up finding the perfect option and then signing up for it. It was a little bit out of the way from our original destination, but I knew it would be the best experience. It was finally time to go on our trip and I was sp happy. My husband and I would have the best trip ever. We started off on our trip and had a lot on our mind. We left the kids with my mom and knew they would be fine and that we would have fun and so would they. While we were on our trip, we had a blast. The balloon trip was on one of the last days. My husband still had no clue and I could not wait to surprise him. We left out early for some sight seeing, or so my husband thought. When we got to the balloon spot he was so confused. That quickly turned to enthusiasm when my husband found out we were going up in a balloon. He loved it and could not quit thanking me.

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