Party Buses Are Great for Groups to Go to Prom Too

Let me tell you a story of why I ended up following a search engine result that told me to click here for party buses when I was going to just have my parents drive me to the prom. My friend begged me to show up at the prom even though I did not have a date. He did not have one either, but his parents said that going to your senior prom is important. Can you imaging how he felt? Since I did not have a date, I was just going to be dropped off by my dad. Well, at the last minute my friend ended up with a date for the prom. So, he could not care any less if I was going to show up or not. Then, out of the blue one day before prom in school, a girl I have liked for a long time asked me to go to the prom with her.

That changed everything, so I asked around to my friends on how they were getting to the prom. Everyone was either driving a regular car or having someone drop them off. That is when I pitched the idea of us all going in together to rent a party bus. We could blast some music and have a great time going to the prom and back. Having a professional driver on prom night would also make our parents happy. In my circle of friends there was no worries about us drinking, but we knew that there would be those on the road who had been. Parents could easily be sold on the idea if I took the professional limo driver angle for our safety.

It worked. Every kid got the money to chip in to get a nice party bus for us all to show up at the prom. We all had a great time together. Sort of a thing to remember for our last year public school together before going off to college.

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